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CityInsight provides real-time technology that helps municipal governments streamline their operations and improve communication with their customers. Our clients collect more revenue, have more satisfied customers, and promote smart consumer habits.

Our CityInsight™ web and mobile app is a simple and powerful tool that lets residents track water usage in real time, pay utility bills with ease, and get mobile customer support.

Abess Makki, CEO
Abess Makki is devoted to helping municipal utilities counter negative attention while providing residents with better tools to manage their water usage and costs.

He is the co-founder of the National Student Water Association (NSWA), a successful non-profit that raises awareness of the global water crisis and provides water access assistance to disadvantaged communities in some of the poorest nations.

Abess currently holds a fellowship at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. He has also completed the prestigious Summer Venture and Management Program at Harvard Business School and received a B.A. degree from Wayne State University. 

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