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Calendar icon 10.09.2018 To Better Understand Detroit’s Revival, Look At Its Water And Sewerage Department
Calendar icon 10.01.2018 To Better Understand Detroit’s Revival, Look at Its Water and Sewerage Department
Calendar icon 06.26.2018 8 Detroit startups that could change the world
Calendar icon 06.21.2018 Young Activist, Entrepreneur Aims to Mitigate Water Crises First in Detroit, Then Around the World
Calendar icon 04.09.2018 Fast Company: 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards Finalists
Calendar icon 02.14.2018 AWE Member Spotlight
Calendar icon 02.01.2018 Medium Post
Calendar icon 12.09.2017 The Meter Man
Calendar icon 11.11.2017 CityInsight creates app to help boost Detroit water bill payments, customer service
Calendar icon 11.06.2017 Man's Alexa shortcut helps residents with Detroit's water department
Calendar icon 10.13.2017 College Student Connects Detroit Water Bills With Amazon's Alexa
Calendar icon 10.10.2017 Thanks to a 24-year-old grad student, paying your water bill in Detroit has never been easier
Calendar icon 10.06.2017 CityInsight Streamlines How Detroit Water and Sewerage Customers Pay Their Bills
Calendar icon 10.05.2017 Student-Made App Makes Detroit Government Accessible for Residents
Calendar icon 10.02.2017 CityInsight Allows Detroiters to Pay Water Bills Via Amazon Alexa
Calendar icon 10.02.2017 College Student Connects Detroit Water Bills With Amazon's Alexa
Calendar icon 09.29.2017 Alexa what's my water bill? Thanks to Detroit student, the answer now at your fingertips
Calendar icon 09.21.2017 Metro Detroit man's app helps keep track of water usage, preventing shutoffs
Calendar icon 08.21.2017 Introducing the New DWSD Customer Care Web Portal - Skip the Line
Calendar icon 03.04.2017 PBS NEWSHOUR - In ‘The Future of Cities,’ innovative responses to urban issues
Calendar icon 01.18.2017 La renaissance de Detroit
Calendar icon 01.16.2017 What Does the Future Hold for Urban Cities? This Film Seeks the Truth
Calendar icon 12.11.2016 Can You Start a Technology Company Outside of Silicon Valley?
Calendar icon 10.10.2016 Innovation Fund America
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